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Coffee farmers in Jamaica See Top $

Coffee farmers in Jamaica See Top $

If you’ve been looking for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, you are not alone. Consumers, roasters and even processors in Jamaica are looking to get their hands on coffee. To find the answers, we need to look to the coffee farmers in Jamaica since they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Coffee production is at an all time low and sees a very high demand from Japan. This, coupled with top dollar offerings for green coffee, has put Coffee Farmers in Jamaica in the catbird seat.

From an article from Loop Jamaica , Coffee farmers in Jamaica are now the highest paid coffee farmers in the World. As Coffee Farmers ourselves, this is a bittersweet fact. Most would say that’s wonderful to see an impoverished region finally seeing financial gain; and this is true, but we need to look at the circumstances before we cheer too loudly. The coffee industry is at an all time low production and Japan is at a very high demand taking nearly 85-90% of the coffee grown in Jamaica, which now leaves the Farmers holding the financial stick.

As stated in the article, an estimated 1000 acres have been groomed and planted with new coffee plants with an expected production of 4 million pounds in the coming years. This is a typical economic ebb & flow that is driven by supply & demand, however, there is always a reaction for every action, and that is with increased production, an increased supply would speculatively bring down the price in years to come.

The farmers should use this time to work on fair prices set for the long term rather than wanting to get rich quick while we are in this low production cycle. There is a threshold when it comes to such high prices set by low supply and that is, eventually you will price yourselves right out of the market if your product is not an absolute necessity. That is the crux of the financial side of supply and demand being coffee farmers. You don’t want to turn down income, but we also don’t want to price ourselves out of the market.

Gasoline, for example, can go as high as they can and we all still NEED it and will pay accordingly. When we are discussing a luxury, it is not so cut and dry, and Reggie’s Roast Coffee understands just that. We are working not only to source and roast your beloved coffee and will strive to keep prices at a reasonable rate so those who have come to love our coffee can keep on enjoying without refinancing your mortgage. There are roasters that are already in  the $55-$60 per pound range, and some are charging as much as $90!

Please understand that Reggie’s Roast Coffee has no intentions of setting such over-inflated prices due to the shortage in supply of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. As Coffee Farmers in Jamaica ourselves, we are not going to take unnecessary advantage of this situation, as we want to maintain the relationships we have had with our customers over the past 15 years.  So for those that may wonder why we are not charging the same price as others or if the coffee is the same, we want to answer those questions and help you understand more about the circumstances due to the current 2015 crop situation.

Our Gold- 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

 We are expecting some new 2015 crop in the coming weeks and will do our best to keep you all in a freshly roasted supply!