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Coffee Packaging Solutions

Coffee Packaging Solutions

As a coffee co packer, we are able to offer a turnkey solution to your company’s co packing requirements; from sourcing green coffee to finding the proper coffee packaging to suit your needs. Aside from taste, quality and cost, the package you choose for your coffee is one of the most valuable tools at a co packer’s disposal. Think about how the end user will perceive your coffee on the shelf or when they open a box delivered to their home. What do you want them to think? This is where your co packer can offer insight and guide you through this process, since after all, they are the subject matter experts and the reason why you chose to use their services.

Coffee packaging comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms depending on what you want the end product to accomplish. Are you selling your coffee to retail, food service, bulk, or specialty cafes? Regardless, keeping coffee fresh is the end game no matter what sort of coffee packaging you work with.

Coffee Packaging degassing valves

Once coffee is roasted, it will emit carbon dioxide for 24-48 hours and if the coffee is packaged within that time, the package will swell and be prone to bursting. The solution was to let the coffee “sit & degas” before packaging to avoid this, however during that time, the coffee’s flavor is escaping as swell. The answer a one way de gassing valve which allows carbon dioxide to escape while not allowing oxygen in which will dry out the coffee. If you notice this is a common sight on any decent coffee package.  These bags are foil lined to keep any outside elements out and the coffee’s flavor in. Without the foil barrier, the polypropylene that the film is made of is porous and will let the flavor escape.

A second coffee packaging solution that is geared more towards the commercial/food service business in that it is pre measured and sold ready to 

“Dump & Brew” in a sense. These packages are for large volume convenience and consistency when selling large orders. Commonly known as Frac-Packs, they are less than 8 oz per unit and not intended for retail use. They are foil lined bags but not typically valved (though we can valve them for you) as this adds additional packaging expense and is not necessarily warranted if you are selling to a cafeteria or government institution that is looking for the lowest price on a bid.

There are stand up pouches, side gusseted bags, and foil lined cans all available in a variety of sizes and styles from Craft to glossy, matte, pre-printed, applied label, or a film roll to run on our form & fill Key Pak machine. Depending on your customer’s needs, Reggie’s Roast Coffee will work with you to find the coffee packaging to suit your needs.

Frac Pac Coffee Packaging solutions

Yet another element of Reggie’s Roast coffee packaging solutions is a cardboard composite foil lined can. These cans are lighter and less expensive than the traditional steel can which is savings that you can pass along to your customer. The cans stand tall at retail giving a 360 degree presence on the shelf, and are a unique presentation for your product. They also store well in cafes & restaurants since they don’t crumble as they empty like a bag will.

If you would like any more information about our co packing or coffee packaging solutions, please call (908)862-3700 or email customerservice@reggiesroast.com.

Cans offer a great solution for a sturdy package that presents itself predominately at retail