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Coffee Trends 2014

Coffee Trends 2014

As we have seen an uprising in small coffee shops or “Micro Roasters”, there are so many types of coffees being made available to the coffee drinker. These smaller roasters, often roasting on site as they pour, are becoming more savvy in the sourcing of their coffee.  The roaster associating directly with the sourcing farmers of the coffees they are roasting and transparency is becoming one of the big coffee trends in 2014.  There are more sources of information available and farmers and some roasters are making this information more transparent.

Fair Trade, Organic, Bird Friendly, and Shade Grown are all big Buzzwords these days but are nothing but words unless they are substantiated.  There is an article from The Manual that goes into detail about such topics, and how all those buzzwords simply come down to one thing:  Traceability. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but as Farmers, Reggie’s Roast Coffee has always been able to account the origins, authenticity, and processes regarding our Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. From the article: “If the trend continues, you’ll soon be able to trace the coffee in your cup back through the roaster, importer, mill and farmer. In short, you’ll know every entity that touched your coffee before it reached you. ”  Far better conversation at the table than, “I think it’s Folgers…”

From a Huffington Post Article March 22, 2014 shows some interesting coffee trends 2014: “The number of American adults who enjoy a daily cup of coffee has dropped to 61 percent this year, from 63 percent in 2013, the annual National Coffee Association of USA’s National Coffee Drinking Trends study showed. The popularity of espresso-based coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes, however, jumped with 18 percent of the 3,000 adults surveyed saying they drink these daily. This is up from 13 percent last year. Americans are also drinking more gourmet coffee on a daily basis, with 34 percent of the adults surveyed saying they drink this every day, up from 31 percent in 2013. Meanwhile, daily non-gourmet coffee drinking is at 35 percent, down from last year’s 39 percent, which the study stated as leading the decline in total daily coffee drinking.”

Brewing through a single serve machine such as a Keurig has risen 20%, and of those surveyed 15% have a K-Cup brewer in their home and another 25% will buy one in 6 months. Meanwhile, those who used a drip coffee maker fell to 53 percent in 2014 from 58 percent a year ago, the study showed. This study has been done annually since 1950, and includes adults 18 years and older. It was conducted online from mid-January to mid-February. Which brings another interesting point from coffee trends 2014.

“Keurig’s next line of brewers will contain ‘interactive technology’ designed to lock out unlicensed K-Cups… It will also protect Green Mountain‘s multibillion-dollar K-Cup business –assuming consumers see a need to upgrade their existing brewers.”  From a post on March 4th 2014 from Coffee.net. Since The K-Cup patent ended in 2012, several manufacturers have been able to offer their coffee in packaging suitable for brewing in Keurig’s machines. The store’s shelves have become laden with every roaster offering K-Cups regardless of the cost per serving or the non recyclable packaging; convenience is King. So rather than be happy with re-inventing the wheel, Keurig will re-invent it once again to protect their patent interest. That’s not all of the news coming from Keurig. Earlier this month, Coca-Cola, the beverage Goliath, purchased a 10% stake in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters…..

Coffee trends 2014 – Game On!!!