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Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

As we approach the Summer, our need for coffee does not dissipate, so what does our survival instinct tell us? Cold Brew Coffee. Not Iced coffee, cold brew coffee. There is a difference in that most iced coffee is coffee that has been poured over ice rather than stepped at room temperature for hours to extract all the bean’s flavor or in some cases double brewed and cooled with Ice and served. The difference is that of French Press coffee to that of an auto drip machine.

Cold Brew Coffee has taken on a life of its own as of the last year. There are several R.T.D. ( ready to drink ) coffees in many coolers next to the energy drinks and Nitro Coffee is gaining steam as it’s being served at coffee shops. This Article from Tech Insider explains what Nitro Coffee is and why it tastes so good.

The Great thing about coffee is that it is a versatile item to work with. By changing the grind type and brew method, you are  able to produce a totally different product in your cup. There is nothing a local coffee shop can produce that you cant’t make in your own kitchen. From here we will discuss some more of the less complex ways to brew your own cold brew coffee at home.

Simple tools in your kitchen are all you need to get started!

The premise is very very simple; let the coffee steep overnight to brew a concentrate to use as your cold brew, refrigerate and serve over ice, or cold as refrigerated. That’s it. All you will need is a large container for steeping the grinds, a filter or sieve and a container to pour into. If you don’t believe how easy it is, please click HERE to read a bit from the NY Times cooking article. This is not rocket science and will bring a new experience into your kitchen. The concentrate can be used for making Ice cream, desserts, cocktails,and even Ice Cubes ( for those who do not want to forsake a drop of caffeine ) to put in your cold brew coffee to eliminate dilution from the water from normal ice cubes. Just a small amount of pouring and some creativity is all you need.

Reggie’s Roast Cold Brew Coffee Blend Freshly Roasted and specifically ground for cold brew

This is where we come into the picture. The coffee. Yes, you can use any coffee; however fresh roasted and ground will give you the best performance out of your brew. Since you will be steeping, a French Press grind being more coarse will work best as you pour through the filter into your storage container. Regarding the coffee to water ratio, for larger brews, Please take a look at this article WITH PHOTOS from Food 52 for a better understanding of what you will be working with on a larger scale. I suggest this method for more than just one cup at a time using Reggie’s Roast Cold Brew Coffee Blend. Please visit OUR STORE for more information. It has been created specifically for cold brew applications featuring coffees from Papua New Guinea, India, and Guatemala for a smooth, effective eye opening experience.