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Effects of Coffee- What your body says

Effects of Coffee- What your body says

Most will admit to the fact that coffee will indeed pick you up, some argue either way that it does or doesn’t, but scientifically the effects of coffee are widely accepted. Caffeine is no doubt a stimulant, and most of the waking world relies on it daily to get up and around. Sometimes though, you may be so tired two or three cups and all you want to do is sleep; at that point it may be your bodies way of saying “I need rest”. The effects of coffee are much like the effects of any drug in that depending on your bodies “state of mind” may vary from time to time.

The FDA has a document that breaks down the effects of coffee on your body regarding any pre disclosed illness or conditions you may have in that caffeine should be avoided. There is medical research that supports the good effects of coffee in regard to regular consumption, although Reggie’s Roast Coffee makes no claim to support these either way, it is shared for the sole purposes of reference only. Authority Nutrition rounds out the 13 most common allegedly positive effects of coffee consumption. This doe NOT include that myth that coffee will sober you up, it only makes a drunk person awake, not sober.

Now for the interesting part; how your palate responds to coffee and why it does what it does. Do you know why a breakfast Blend is in fact made to be consumed at breakfast? Breakfast Blends tend to be darker roast and contain earthier and more powerfully flavored beans from places like Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Kenya.  Beans with subtle flavors are left out, so you’re less likely to taste beans from Costa Rica, Colombia, higher altitudes, volcanic soils, etc.  They’re more likely wet processed than dry, giving them a wilder or at least more fruity flavor. Why?  Because your taste buds are weakest in the morning, strongest at night.  Coffee drinkers can’t tell much difference between coffees at that time.  So the stronger flavored, darker roasted earthier coffees in the morning, the better. For the same reason that Olympic records are most likely to be broken between 2-4 pm in the afternoon than at any other time of day, coffees are most flavorful and distinguished between about noon and 4 pm.  Your body is warmest at that time and highest performance. So a Breakfast Blend tends to be flavorful, robust, dark roasted, earthy, wet-processed and less focused on nuances than other blends or single origin coffees.

That said, we often hear people say that coffee upsets their stomach in that it has too much acidity. Yes & No. Robusta beans or any dark roasted coffees will have a tendency to effect the stomach in some folks. Switching to a lighter roast or a higher grown Arabica will help settle the un settled regarding the stomach’s effects from coffee. The “Acidity” of a coffee is something completely different in it’s effect. A coffee’s acidity actually describes the “brightness” or “crispness” of the cup. Sweet Maria’s has narrowed down a list of coffee terminology that will explain the effects of coffee in terms of cupping & tasting.

Take a look at the two charts below to gain some understanding of the different effects of coffee based on Country of Origin and  roast profile. These are the factors used in describing a coffee’s taste which is the most important of all of the effects of coffee you will have.


What to look for in your cup


An outline of the terms used to describe coffee tastes.