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Fair Trade Certification

Fair Trade Certification

I find myself starting many sentences “Being Coffee farmers…..” since most folks mostly think of coffee roasters as just that alone. Over the past year, we have had many more requests for Fair Trade Organic Coffee and we have added more to our Premium Coffee Line. With that we have a lot more inquiries regarding sourcing and traceability as a result of the trending Third Wave Coffee Movement. As we have more access to information, we are able to see what Fair Trade Cooperative we source our coffee from, and we have come full circle with our Fair Trade Certification.

There have been some articles that have questioned Fair Trade over the years, from the original regulation in 1962 until it’s final ratification in 1988. The principle is simple enough and set forth with the Coffee farmer’s best interest in mind – Set a fair price for for the farmer with a percentage set aside to go back to the cooperative in order to educate families, maintain fields, and maintain a means of sustainability for their crops. Implemented correctly, having a fair trade certification is relevant from farmer & processor to broker down to us coffee roasters.

There are two main organizations across the globe and the U.S. that manage fair trade certification such as Fair Trade International and Fair Trade USA. These organizations offer fair trade certification for Coffee Farmers, Cooperatives and Roasters and sellers of Fair Trade products. Fair Trade Certification does two things in that it holds those who use the trademark to a higher standards and shows  consumers that they are in fact “doing the right thing” by purchasing Fair Trade Products from a certified producer.

Reggie’s Roast Coffee is now registered with Fair Trade USA under our company name MIRE Enterprises number 159635.  You can see our Listing HERE and look for the Fair Trade Certification on all of our Fair Trade coffees.

This log is used by permission of fair Trade USA.