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Giving Back with Coffee

Giving Back with Coffee

Being Coffee farmers is first and foremost for us at Reggie’s Roast Coffee. Being a part of the Jamaican Blue Mountain Farming community is near and dear to our hearts, for without the farms there is no coffee and without support from those more fortunate the farms will fade away. Giving back with coffee is a concept that began in the early stages of our business when owner Reggie Chung Loy began Operation Giveback a program that helps support, care for and educate the communities in parts of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.

Reggie’s Roast Operation Giveback Mission Statement

One of the fundamental, more commonly known ways that we are giving back with coffee is through Fair Trade USA, one of the leading Fair Trade Coffee Organizations in the country. The premise of Fair Trade is that a $.20 per lb. sold is set aside and sent back to the fair trade cooperative that processed and exported the coffee. This money helps to supplement the income and sustain a means of support for struggling coffee farmers and their community by giving back with coffee.

Over the past few years with the help of the information on the web, the transparency of the coffee industry has really come a long way. Instead of a cup of Colombia, consumers are now afforded to select between 3-4 different growing estates within not only Colombia, but a certain province as well and consumers are willing to pay higher prices for this unique experience.  These farmers are selling small lots direct for a higher price than what is paid by some of the cooperatives which also helps by giving back with coffee. These farmers are positioning themselves to provide income solely from their own crops rather than depending on a co-op.

T-Shirts supports from Cause Roast.

There are many companies that are giving back with coffee and hopefully more to come in the future. One of the forerunners is Cause Roast who are giving back with coffee through sales of T-Shirts and so forth.

Each company has their own methods of doing what they can ans at Reggie’s Roast we donate a percentage of our annual profits to support the education and well being of our Blue Mountain Farming community. We are also a member of Fair Trade USA ID # 1159635 and only source documented, established Fair Trade suppliers. Our green coffee brokers put in writing the dollar mount that will go back to each co-op we source from.