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How Fresh Is your Coffee?

The moment Coffee hits the cooling tray of the roaster it begins to lose it’s integrity. The chemical reactions inside the hot bean begin to manifest and change as the beans cool. That’s why it is very important to cool the beans immediately after they are roasted and not let them continue to “cook”. Once the roasted beans are cooled, their flavor is at it’s best, and is the optimum time for packaging in a nitrogen flushed, valve sealed package.

Why is there a valve you ask? Good question. At least someone in class is paying attention. As with all things heated, gasses are produced and even though the beans are cooled, there is still a bustle of gaseous activity inside the bag. The valve is a one way street that lets the gasses out, but does not let our enemy oxygen near our freshly roasted friends. If there were no valve, you have a freshly roasted explosion-to-be on your hands.

I was visited by some folks today who asked the age old question “What is the best way to store coffee”. First invest in a grinder. Nothing fancy, The Mrs. and I have a Hamilton Beach that is having a second birthday this year. Next, find a cool, dark place for your beans. Why?  Well we pick cool since we know heat is bad in terms of storing anything (remember those candles you stored in your attic?), and dark because we know those nasty little UV rays wreck everything. A cabinet will do in most cases, but we do have a customer that has a hole notched in the wall behind a painting of his Great Uncle Herschel, inventor of the an early prototype of what we now know today as the Jelly Bean.

The freezer thing always gets brought up and to that I say Coffee Beans are very susceptible to any other odors around them as well as moisture. That is a fact Ladies and Gentlemen. Unlike the bit about the Jelly Bean, we all know freezer burn stinks, and freezers contain moisture. So when you’re out and about invest in  a nice airtight container, and if it has a valve – bonus. If not the gasses will escape when you open it daily, and after a few days you will notice the lid will pop if it’s not opened. That’s normal so don’t worry. especially if you grind to brew and store any left over for the next pot or cup. I though for days I had a bad seal on our container. No,  just a little gas.  Now kids don’t go getting all hopped up thinking you’re going to blow up your army men, it’s not that big of a boom.

I used the word invest since if in fact you are reading this, then you’ve found our site or related resource and know the true Delicacy of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee and appreciate a great cup  of coffee. Why buy a brand new Rolls Royce and leave it parked out on the curb? Get a Thoroughbred and not have a barn? A beautiful flat screen and no wall or table?  A buffallo and  no flash fryer that can actually fry a Buffalo ? OK I’m getting out of hand and we all know Buffaloes are hard to find at a good price these days, but you get my point. I apologize to any vegetarians, but that was solely for comedic content. That’s why I roast coffee, I’m not all that funny.

Until next time… Cheers !! – Reggie (908)862-3700 customerservice@reggiesroastcoffee.com