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Jamaica Blue Mountain on the Rise~no pun intended

As we are climbing the stairway into the spring of 2012, we all think of renewal and re-birth and are tucking away the Winter wardrobe and getting outside. As a coffee Farmer, we are exporting our newest crop and getting ready for the next harvest season. As a coffee roaster, we are gearing up for what hopes to be a strong year.

We are fortunate enough to be in a time where more and more people have heard of or are talking about Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, and in specific, Reggie’s Roast. The phone is ringing, we are seeing new names, and more and more retailers have heard of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

I am not bragging by any sense, since as it comes, so does it go; but It’s good to see all the labor of our farms see some results and hope to bring about some fortune for the people of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Farming community. The Jamaican Government has lent support in getting our Farmers paid from the processors more quickly, helped out with funds in aiding the Borer Beetle infestation, and is looking to continue to see Jamaica rise back to the glory days of Blue Mountain Coffee farming.

As I have said before, I am lucky to be a part of this industry, and in having the passion of what we do is a great feeling to convey when I speak to folks about our coffee. I am proud when I find even one person each week who has heard of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee and asks me my favorite question “what makes it so special?” I have at least five answers for that one! I start with our Farms and go all the way down to how we leave no roasted coffee at the end of the day since we roast in small batches to order.

For our Farms, for Jamaica, and for Reggie!!