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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee K Cup-Single Use Cup

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee K Cup-Single Use Cup

Unless you live under a rock or simply don’t have any affiliation with coffee, you have witnessed the wonders of Keurig’s K-Cup single cup brewer. It’s quick, easy, convenient, and will give you a decent cup of coffee as most people see it. Though us coffee roasters will point out the coffee is pre ground, degassed, and considered near stale once it gets to the consumer and the Re-cyclists will  tell you how many times the Grand Canyon can be filled with used cups, the march of the single serve cup cannot be stopped. It has taken over grocery store shelves replacing bagged coffee at a near 30% rate in some retail stores. Like it or not, it’s here to stay, and customer demand will force manufacturers to adapt – simple business logic.

Reggie’s Roast Coffee has been considering a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee K cup option since 2010, and not since the patent break in 2012 was this option even  possible. As Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Farmers as well as Roasters, we all too well understand the meticulous care that is taken when farming, processing, grading, importing and roasting  your coffee. From soil to cup –  for us, it was not just a question of doing K-Cup option , but doing one that complies the back bone of our business – Freshly Roasted Coffee.

A Jamaican Blue mountain Coffee K Cup style of packaging has been available on the market for some time; however most larger companies will co-pack the product – in that they roast it, grind it and send it away to be packaged, and then have it sent back for them to sell. That takes time and any coffee roaster knows time is the enemy of freshly roasted coffee. That’s why for the past 15 years Reggie’s Roast Coffee ONLY roasts coffee to order, and holds NO roasted coffee in inventory. Now you understand our concern for finding the freshest way to roast, grind, and pack our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee K Cup option the day before we ship to you.

Our Solution to freshly roasting, grinding and Packaging a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Single Use Cup

To give you an idea of the large scale production, here is a video of a machine being used in China, that is not to say we are insinuating any U.S. sold coffee is packaged in China, simply that is where the video is from. Point being is that is a massive operation which makes no mention of nor does it  show when or where the coffee was roasted and how long it sat or was transported before it was packaged. That seems to be a very grey area in terms of finding any real answers. We didn’t want to send our coffee from New Jersey to California, or even Pennsylvania to be packaged because in that time the coffee loses most of it’s flavor since you are dealing with ground coffee. Here is an article from Coffee Confidential regarding the effects on coffee once it is ground. However this is an inevitable circumstance dealing with K-Cup type of packaging, so we want to be as close to roasting as possible when we package it. You cannot do that when you are running 10,000 cups an hour on a huge packing line.

So you see it is not as simple as most would think, and hence the reaction of “Why not?’ when we explained to people why we don’t have k-cups. It’s not that we are against it, it was a matter of finding the right way to implement Freshly Roasted Coffee in to the equation of  a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee k cup.

We had looked at several different models that were available, and with the help of some packaging industry resources, we came up with an air tight, sealed package that works in any single cup type of machine. Though admittedly, as an artisan roaster, we are going against the grain of some of the “Coffee Heads” that would NEVER drink a cup brewed from a single cup machine, we have found the best possible solution to meed the demands of our customer base. We are able to control when the coffee is roasted, ground, packed, as well as how much coffee each cup is pre filled with to give you the best cup experience since the time of water/coffee is very short in a  single cup brewer. Considering most who consume Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee are known to use a French Press, we need to be as close as we can ( although there is none ) in comparison.

When you are working with a coffee known for it’s distinct unusually sweet & mild flavor, a coffee with high demand and low supply, caution and care must be taken in it’s packaging and delivery in that we want the labor of our love to come through in every cup. We are proud to have been able to share our coffee with you for the past fifteen years, and look forward to the future as the coffee industry evolves and brings us all innovative ways to enjoy our coffee!

If you would like to try our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Single Use-Cup, please visit our website: www.reggiesroastcoffee.com