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Kona Coffee – Lions Gate Estate

Kona Coffee – Lions Gate Estate

With the decline in supply of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, we have had many questions and requests for a comparable coffee. I have suggested Papua New Guinea, which was born from a Jamaican Coffee Plant in the late 1800’s. Roasted Just past Medium with some tender loving care, you can get more of the chocolatey flavor that is associated with Jamaica Blue Mountain. However, if taste was able to be replicated, well there would be no need for all the distinct growing regions throughout the World.

So our answer was not to try & duplicate, but rather seek out other distinct, uncommon coffees. Being Coffee Farmers first and foremost, we decided that was going to be a qualifier; we wanted to source Farm Direct green coffee. Since we are roasting coffee from all around the world, let’s look in our “backyard” and see what Hawaii has to offer. Enter Kona Coffee from Lions Gate Estate.

Coffee Cherries Hand Picked on Lions Gate Farms

Aside from our own Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, this is our second Farm Direct Sourced coffee we are offering. What does that mean? The Kona Coffee from Lions Gate is an Estate coffee meaning that the coffee they grow, hand pick and process comes from their farm only. Usually farmers sell to the processors and there are several different farms’ coffee in every bag sold to brokers. With Estate coffee, it is only their distinct coffee processed by them and sold so you will get only each estate’s  unique taste profile, much like wine growing having unique tastes from each farm.

If you have the time, I encourage you to look up Estate Coffee, as there is some great information, and you can learn more about where your coffee comes from. Being new to Kona Coffee, I wanted to learn as much as I could and understand the bean from a roaster’s standpoint, and Lion’s gate is a great resource for that from farming to roast profiles. Being Kona is grown at a relatively low altitude compared to other Arabicas, it is a low density bean that requires a bit of a tweak in the way it is roasted.

Suzanne, the Roaster at Lion’s Gate suggests not going too dark, so I found the threshold at the sign of the second crack, and worked back from there until I found the gentle, fruity nuances of Kona Coffee. At a medium roast, you will get an aroma of cherries, honey and an almost syrup like scent followed by a very smooth, fruit-toned body and a very light, but crisp & bright acidity. The wonderful thing about Kona Coffee is that it is not only unique in taste but very pleasant as a cup overall, and am very happy with our find from Lions Gate Farms. We look forward to a longstanding relationship with our new coffee farming alliance with Kona Coffee.

We look Forward to sharing our new find with you!

$25.99 – 8 oz. $43.99 16 oz Freshly Roasted!

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