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Reggie’s Roast Coffee in Scotch Plains NJ

Reggie’s Roast Coffee in Scotch Plains NJ

Where have we been since our last blog post over 6 weeks ago? Moving on up, that’s where!

After a productive 10 year stay in our Linden, New Jersey Roasting House, we needed to move to a space that can accommodate  our growing needs as a Coffee Roster and Co-Packer. After a long search we have landed at Reggie’s Roast Coffee in Scotch Plains NJ!

What does this mean to our loyal customer base? Not too much from your end, just be patient as we get settled in and get the machines dialed in at their new home. Moving 3 Coffee Roasters, Grinders, Packing Machines, Scales and everything that goes along is no easy feat. We had 3 flatbed machine haulers, and 2 full trailers of equipment to take down, move, reconfigure and install; no small feat folks.

Now that we moved to Reggie’s Roast Coffee in Scotch Plains NJ , it’s time to get back to doing what we love, and as this is being written, I can say as difficult as this has been to plan and execute, it goes back to one thing only, the labor of the love for our beloved Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

We have a fresh crop Mavis Bank #1 grade beans ready to be roasted upon your request and we’ve done a great update to our website as well, making it even more mobile friendly and easier to find when you search for “Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee” You can also visit our updated Google Plus Page if you would like to see our new building or find directions to our new address which is:

Reggie’s Roast Coffee – 715 Jerusalem Road  Scotch Plains NJ 07036.  It’s very accessible from both Rt 78 & Rt 22 in Union County NJ.  

As always, Reggie’s Roast Coffee in Scotch Plains NJ welcomes walk in and call ahead orders of any of our Freshly Roasted Coffees. We ask that you please call ahead and allow 1-2 hours for us to freshly roast your coffee to order. We welcome Credit Cards, Cash, or check and will be happy to create personal account for you that include the benefits of our “Rewards Points” found on our on-line store as well.

If you  are new to our On-Line Store, please visit : http://reggiesroastcoffee.com/shop/ and see all the delicious coffee selections we offer from all across the Coffee Belt!

As both a Coffee Farmer and Coffee Roaster, we are proud to be a part of the community as Reggie’s Roast Coffee in Scotch Plains NJ! This is going to be a great experience for us to share our Jamaican Delicacy with the people of the community, local shops, restaurants and businesses alike and we look forward to years of prosperous success!


The crew at Reggie’s Roast Coffee in Scotch Plains, NJ