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Reggie’s Roast Coffee – Our Roasters Pick

Reggie’s Roast Coffee – Our Roasters Pick

From our experience as Jamaica Blue mountain Coffee Farmers, we make sure to take the utmost care and pride in bringing you one of the World’s finest Coffee varietals. It is this attention to detail that we pride ourselves on when we freshly prepare all of Reggie’s Roast Coffee’s varietals for you. We have created our “Roasters Pick” page to share with you all the different roast profile and blends of our Single Origin Premium Coffee line as well as our own Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Enjoy our Roasters Pick as we create and discover new origins and roast profiles.

We put our sample roaster to the test every few weeks to see what profiles fit different origins as new crops come in. The different profiles are contrasted and compared until we find what we are looking for. Then, like the man who dropped his peanut butter in chocolate, we came up with our Roasters Pick choice selections. There are several different characteristics when sourcing and roasting coffee, and here is a quick reference from Hub Pages if you would like a quick read

From our sampling and blending of different profiles, we will share with you our Roasters Pick of the most interesting and distinct profiles hoping to enlighten your coffee experience from Reggie’s Roast Coffee. We have long standing relationships with some of the countries most resourceful coffee brokers and will continue to seek out the finest Arabicas from around the Globe. We will also be looking to take suggestions from our readers and customers on what they would like to try or perhaps see us offer on our website www.reggiesroastcoffee.com.

Our Roasters Pick will offer a new origin or blend as often as every other week so be sure to visit us and see what we’ve been up to. We are looking to source different organics and some of the more hard to find origins that will compliment our existing coffee selection. We look forward to getting our Roaster’s Pick up and running in the next few weeks, so please check back on our site or subscribe to our blog feed http://regg iesroastcoffee.com/barista-blog/  for the latest updates.