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The Latest Coffee Drinking Trends

The Latest Coffee Drinking Trends

There are statistics that show although Americans are drinking less coffee overall since the 1950’s, it is still among the most popular drinks in the country and the #2 Global commodity in the World. Even with the decline in volume over decades, some of the newer coffee drinking trends are keeping the pace going. We have seen Frappe Latte Chinos, Mocha twists with a double shot, flavored syrups, creamers, whip cream and so on and so on until there is nearly nothing left of the original coffee flavor left.

That said, there are some more serious coffee drinking trends on the horizon that focus on the coffee it self. Iced coffee is not going away anytime soon, and fortunately, many more shops are not just adding ice cubes to yesterday’s coffee. Rather they are taking the time to steep the coffee over a long period of time to extract the coffee’s true flavor. This can be easily done at home as well.

Related to the Iced Coffee trend, is what is called Nitro Coffee. Say what? Yes, nitrogen driven Iced coffee from a tap, much in the same way a bar

Coffee Poured from a tap leaves a cascading head that floats atop the cold brew.

pours draft beer.  This began in 2014 mainly as a packaged cold coffee beverage, but as demand grew, this cold brew is served “On Tap” in more & more locations throughout the country.

One of the more interesting coffee drinking trends, at least from this coffee roaster’s opinion, is that coffee shops are creating their own blends. Not just flavoring and adding an espresso shot, but rather focusing on which coffee origins are compatible with other origins to create a house blend or individual customer’s request. What makes this interesting, is that most coffee shop employees are there for the paycheck, but it seems that true baristas are stepping their game up to the level of knowledge that is help by coffee roasters. The result will remain to be seen, but the fact that the interest is there is promising.

The bane of any coffee roaster’s existence – Flavored Coffee. Although there is no reason to fowl your cup with this nonsense, none the less, the sales including the “desert coffees”are up 800% since 2010 creating yet another one of the newest coffee drinking trends. There are more flavored creamers, whipped creams, and additives now more than ever before. Some of them are co-branding with popular liquor companies such as Bailey’s which is used in Irish Coffee.

One of the small but growing coffee drinking trends is higher caffeinated coffees to compete with the ever so popular Energy Drink market. Coffee being the originator of caffeine, is the safest and most healthy way to stimulate your body. On the rise is an up & coming company Octane Java, who have created a super caffeinated coffee promoting energy and health as their platform for success.

The Water. Yes one of the latest coffee drinking trends is water. Since coffee is 98% water, brewers and coffee shops will be looking closer at what kind of water they are brewing with. Many sources of tap water will have traces of chlorine and other elements, such a s those that leave hard water scale behind. To ward this off, many shops will install filters or use bottled water for optimum taste. However, there are still many commercial brewers that tap directly into the building’s main water supply that washes hands, dishes, and brews coffee.

Lastly, but one of the most important coffee drinking trends, is High Quality Specialty Coffee. From a coffee farmer’s point of view, there are now so many micro lot ( small farmed ) coffees available, that customers who want to try very distinct origin profiles are able to. These small farms are within popular growing regions such as Guatemala that have several small farms that may only produce 1-2000 lbs per year, but are exceptional coffees due to the rainfall, sunlight, and weather conditions that other farms aren’t exposed to. This is a common trait of Geisha Coffees from Panama.