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Upcoming coffee Trends

Upcoming coffee Trends

With the close of 2014 almost here we have all seen some changes in the way we consume coffee. As a roaster who only roasts coffee to order, Reggie’s Roast Coffee saw these changes as a way to freshly roast and package since-use cups without having to let the coffee be co-packed and degas which lessens the coffee’s flavor. The industry has seen frappe latte chinos with a double shot for 5.99 a cup and the worlds largest fast food chain is more or less giving coffee away as we are in the midst of a Pumpkin spice coffee whirlwind. But what does that all mean for the upcoming coffee trends for 2015?

For starters, we may see more varieties of roast profiles being offered as consumers are becoming more savvy with the introduction of “Blonde” & lighter roasts. This would open the doors to a whole “new way” to consume coffee-Black as it is meant to be. The frappe latte chinos are mostly milk and sugar leaving very little to be left  for the palate in terms of tasting the actual coffee itself. Next time you’re in line at your local shop mind how many people drink their coffee as it was intended.

The single brew/single cup brewer is not going anywhere, in fact the market is bigger than ever and very competitive. Any upcoming coffee trends will more than likely involve these machines to some degree. The original Keurig is being hit by an after a patent ended that saw an insurgence of roasters packaging their coffee in to compatible cups. The manufacturers of theses cups also have developed machines of their own to provide and sell to customers, creating more market share for them. Keurig introduces the 2.0 which is their answer to getting back their market share by once again being the only game in town(via patent) that can produce cups compatible with the 2.0 machine. This monopoly style competition is good because consumers win opening their choices even further.

The Galaxy Coffee Blog points out some interesting points in it’s article from Oct 14th 2014. They hit a point that as coffee farmers, is close to us, Fair Trade Coffee. We have discussed this before in an article from 2013 Is Fair Trade Coffee Fair? discussing the actual “fairness” it provides coffee farmers. Galaxy mentions it will become extinct as consumers realize it is in fact good intention, however, not in it’s current application. In the end, consumers pay more and the coffee farmers do not receive the benefits of the program as it is intended.

One of the upcoming coffee trends of 2014 was that energy drinks will replace coffee to some degree. That hasn’t proven to be so far as we are in the midst of coffee prices being at an all time high, yet we still see demand for coffee. That shows how many of us still love our coffee! If anything, due to the drought situation in Brazil, coffee leaf rust problems globally throughout coffee growing regions, we will be paying more for our beloved cup in 2015.

Prices may affect Upcoming Coffee Trends

There is also some hear say that due to the increased prices of Arabica coffees, that some manufacturers may supplement or replace these coffees with the less expensive Robusta beans. This  can be a slippery slope since the taste will be detected and customers may switch to a higher quality coffee for the sake of taste. That is a bad solution to the problem, but something to keep in mind as you taste your coffee. As reported in the Wall Street Journal “Global coffee production may not meet demand next season by the largest amount since the 2005–2006 crop year, according to the International Coffee Organization. Production may be short 8 million to 10 million 60-kilogram bags for the 2014–2015 season, which begins Oct. 1. The first production deficit in three years may be the result of a smaller crop in Brazil, where farmers are dealing with the worst drought in decades. Brazil’s 2014 and 2015 harvests are expected to produce about 40 million 132-pound bags each. The 2014 forecast is about 20 percent smaller than the original estimate, reports The Wall Street Journal.” This is unfortunately one of the negative upcoming coffee trends.

As the year concludes we will all wait for the speculators to set prices, marketers to begin trends, and consumers to make their decisions regarding upcoming coffee trends in 2015.