If ever there were a perfect answer to the question of what makes our coffee so special, it would be to say “Go take a look for yourself.” Not to be arrogant, but it is a well worthwhile trip for any coffee aficionado. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the coffee farming process in Jamaica is one to be beheld. There are so many sights to take in besides the coffee farming and some of the references here will refer to them, but for the most part, we are going to stick to the cultivation and processing of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee when you visit Jamaica.

The Jamaica Tour society offers tours that will have you visiting the Blue Mountains, tating Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, and seeing some coffee plantations. Taken from their website a brief description of the Blue Mountain tours.

“Jamaica’s Blue Mountains offer wonderful walking trails, along old parochial roads, through fern forests, private coffee estates, and glorious historic botanic gardens. The Mountains are best explored from the Blue Mountains or Kingston, but carefully planned day trips are possible from Ocho Rios or Port Antonio. JTS Tours and Trails include: Strawberry Hill, Gordon Town Trail, Settlement Trail, Clifton Mount & Cold Spring Heritage Gardens, New Castle & Hollywell, The Old Tavern Coffee Estate, Cinchona Botanic Garden, and Blue Mountain Peak.”

“As black as night, strong as romance and sweet as love.”  James Bond, Agent 007 describing his favorite coffee – Jamaica Blue Mountain! They also offer Birding trips to see all of the different species of birds on the island.

Next on the list is Lime Tree Farm which offers a unique experience of a stay in the Blue Mountains. Run by Charlie and Susie Burbury, this 10 acres set in the heart of the Blue Mountains is a firsthand experience of sipping local coffee and enjoying Jamaica’s most prized natural treasures, its 3000 flowering species, 100s of orchids and nearly 600 types of ferns. For those who would like, hikes into the Blue Mountains are also available. This is a great way to see Jamaican Coffee farming first hand and avoid the hustle & bustle of the more popular tourist spots. I encourage you to visit the website since there is too much to describe in this article.

One of the most interesting processes in Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is how it is processed. All by hand, pulped, dried, sorted and barreled. You can take a tour of our Coffee Processor, Mavis Bank one of the oldest and most reputable processors in Jamaica. An excerpt from their website describes the tour in brief: “Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Limited, home of the world famous JABLUM Blue Mountain Coffee, now offers facility tours. Between the hours of 9:00am and 2:00pm on weekdays. Be guided by our experienced tour guides and see all our processing operations from the pulping of Blue Mountain Cherry Berries to the addictive aroma of our roasting plant. After the 40-minute tour-sit with us under our picturesque gazebo and enjoy a cup of JABLUM – 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Truly “the coffee experience beyond compare”.

One of the best kept Georgian style houses in on the Craighton Estate, a 200 year old coffee farm and Great house. A great way to spend the day when you visit Jamaica. Built in 1805 and standing 2600 feet above sea level, Craighton rolls over 80 acres of lush, green and simply beautiful land. “Craighton provides an exclusive Blue Mountain Coffee experience, a journey back in time – a place of such natural beauty; perfect to unwind and truly relax.”

If you are interested in spending a night or two seeing where your favorite coffee comes from, meet the locals, and appreciate the natural splendor of the Blue Mountains here are some good tips when you visit Jamaica from Jamaica Reggae Music Vacation. They suggest hotels, hikes and the best way to get up into the Blue Mountains either by truck or join a hiking group.

I hope this finds you well as you plan your next trip to visit Jamaica, and take advantage of some of the more nontraditional ways to see the island. And also get an up close look at “Absolutely the Best Coffee in The World” – Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.