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What Are People Saying About Reggie’s Roast Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

At Reggie’s Roast, our mission is to farm and roast the best tasting Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and Blue Mountain Blends for our customers.  We love our coffee, but we wanted to know what other people thought about it too.  Here’s what some of our customers had to say:

“The GOLD 100% Jamaica coffee is Reggie’s Roast signature product. On their website they hail it as “one of the rarest arabicas in the world. Excellent body with an intense aroma.” They are spot on regarding the aroma. It is one of the most delicious smelling coffees that my nose has ever witnessed! Cracking the bag open immediately filled the entire room with the golden smell.”

-Colin, Boise Coffee  Follow @BoiseCoffee on Twitter

“I am sending this message to inform you that I am TRUE fan of your company and ALL varietals of your coffee. My favorites include your Rasta Blend, The Peaberry Blend, and the ULTIMATE Jamaican Blue Gold!! (smile). This past weekend, I did try your new Jamaican Blend (it’s new for you and was $8.99 @ Whole Foods Market in Chicago). It can often be difficult to locate a good brand of classic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and your brand is at the “Tip-Top” of my list! I am always in a “Picture Perfect Peaked & Perked” frame of mind every morning after consuming ANY variety of Reggie’s Roast Coffee. I am currently a member of your e-newsletter and I do plan to start ordering by the case from you, as it will be easier to receive on my doorstep. Reggie’s Roast Coffee is forever!”

– Ms. Woody, Chicago

“I have been a customer for about a year, and this coffee reminds me of everyday that my husband and I spent in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It has a smooth, but BOLD unique taste. It is nothing the like the US brand coffee’s that I was accustomed to drinking. I have tried several of Reggie’s Jamaican coffees, and I have never been disappointed. When I’m drinking my coffee, I feel like I’m on an island in paradise. I can close my eyes and meditate. This is truly delicious coffee.”

– Patricia Bonner

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