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What do We Do?…….The Finale’

OK, so by now you’ve seen how we hand make all our bags and what it takes to freshly roast and package your coffee. You’ve laughed, you’ve cried, and now it’s time to see what will happen next…..We also have other packaging machines and a canning machine too, but that’s a tale better left for another day.  That aside, our Coffee is packaged within a few hours after roasting, prepared for you, and away it goes via Fed Ex or USPS.  For those curious few, when time allows you can feel free to find the inner workings of either major US shipper by going to their site, but we make it easy by sending you the tracking number.

And now we have to see how we are doing once the our coffee arrives in the customer’s hands.. The sale is only the first step, now the work begins as  we have to make sure we are available & open to our customers thoughts and responses. Running a company is simply defined as having as many bosses as customers. There are brokers, distributors, corporate buyers & owners. Some are true, and some not. Some care and some do not. And others will want to sell you something you can’t use.  Bit I digress…. Point being is that now we talked the talk it’s time to walk the walk.

Contact for me is the cornerstone. Even if someone says yes in an email, we still need to meet face to face & belly to belly. Video chats or face time is cool and you do what you need to, but if you can, go shake hands man. Eyes are what help us make decisions when we decide to work together. I always respected writers but now I understand the difficulty in conveying emotion without vocal inflection or eye contact. But I digress… Again..

Personally, my favorite folks are those who call me and ask how many teaspoons of coffee they should use to brew a pot or what grind types are best if your giving a gift. These are the people I learn from & love to share my knowledge with. They care enough to pick up the phone & ask. It’s just a good time talking about cupping, roasting, packaging, and the news & gossip throughout the market. I love talking to each and every one of them, good or bad, upset or happy. My favorite thing is to talk to & communicate with other human beings. It could be about life, business, a good joke or story; their family, my family or the price of our favorite pair of socks. Regardless or weather or not it’s about coffee or our business, I am grateful for what I can learn from each person on the other end of the phone or email.

That is why I include our phone # & email so I can communicate & be accessible to anyone who has questions or complaints.  I want people to know we want to hear from and will get back to you;we want to hear what our friends have to say good, bad, and of course any ideas you may have that could make Reggie’s Roast Coffee a better experience.

I am one who hopes with all this technology we use that companies don’t forget that our customers are living breathing individuals with thoughts, opinions, and emotions. We are being conditioned to shop, buy and communicate through machines, I hope we don’t forget how to talk to each other. I graciously applaud those who pick up the phone and say hey!     (908)862-3700

~ CHEERS, Reggie