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What do we do?… Where it all begins

During I-don’t-know-how-many-conversations, people say “So you just bag up and sell the coffee, right?” I have to laugh as I get ready to say- if it was only that easy. As do all other coffee roasters, we have to source our “green” coffee, the raw product, before we can do anything else coffee related. And since coffee is a fruit that is grown and processed there a bit that goes on in between. Being that we own two farms in Jamaica’s Blue mountains, we process all of our Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee at Mavis Bank, the oldest and most reputable Coffee Processor in Jamaica. 

Reggie’s Roast has all our Jamaica Blue Mountain green coffee shipped from Mavis Bank in Jamaica directly to our Roasting House in Linden NJ. However we do need to work with our Broker House In Jersey City to get the Select Varietals that we offer as well. I take a 12 mile trip up the NJ Turnpike over the Bayonne Bridge to Jersey city where there are millions of pounds of coffee moved every month. Here is a link to show you what exactly “green coffe” is and how to  look for it if you’re in the market. http://www.greencoffees.com/?gclid=CKiWsbn-ybACFYFo4Aod1GJ9Yw  If you are interested in purchasing coffee for roasting, it is very likely you can find a broker local to you.

We have been working with the same brokers for quite some time, so we have been able to develop the relationships to  access to some of the finest coffees from around the world. We only source  Arabica beans; the more flavorful and sought after of all the coffee beans. In a sentence,  there are commonly two types of green coffee: Arabica (More Flavorful & tasteful )and Robusta(More Caffeine content, less flavorful ).  I don’t want to bore, but for those in interest, You can Google “Arabica Coffee” & “Robusta Coffee”  for the specifics on the differences. ARABICAS RULE!!! ‘Nuff said.

So, over the bridge, and $4.00 in tolls,(Yep That’s what 7 miles on the NJ Turnpike will cost you! It’s a damn fine road though:)  I get to Jersey City and sign in to what is best described as a controlled chaos. I don’t even think the guy in charge has an bit of a clue what is going on…. But he is able to control this amazingly orchestrated mess in terms of forklifts whizzing by at 20 MPH with a half ton of coffee on the forks while he dodges another with a full ton on his forks. The folks there really know their stuff and are keen to all the markings on the bags and get me in and out without hassle.

Since we are small guys, it’s either Reggie’s Tahoe or my Subaru Wagon picking up the coffee, so we can’t back in all the way like the big trucks can since are below the height of the dock plate. So the boss calls & whistles for the biggest guys he can find, and they lift the bags of coffee (132-150 Lbs) off the dock and into the car like they were nothing. I get in from the front and help the arrange the weight distribution, but I can’t keep up with how fast they can handle those sacks. You don’t like your job? Go visit a dust filled green coffee warehouse in the middle of July.

I’m now loaded with coffee, signed for, and headed back down the Turnpike (In the Truck lane now cause now I’m moving slower-Any one who’s run the NJTP or NJ Residents will get that one!) and I back down our alley in to 1501 West Blancke and unload. What happens next? Stay tuned folks!!