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What is Jamaica’s Coffee Industry Board?

In talking withe people regarding our farms and the authenticity and stringent quality guidelines we adhere to in farming, roasting and packaging our Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, we often refer to the Coffee industry Board of Jamaica which began as the Coffee Clearing House in 1944. It was established to purchase, clean, grade and export Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to assure uniformity and quality of the coffee. In 1950 the Coffee industry board was further established to assure cup quality and help protect the well being of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee industry. The full history can be found at the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica’s Website under “Why the board was formed”.

This entity has been working with Coffee Farmers in Jamaica educating and ensuring quality for decades and is an integral part of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee farming. From the first float of Red Coffee Cherries at any one of the numerous collection points for Jamaica’s nearly 6000 Blue Mountain Coffee Farmers, to the final nail in the hand-made Aspen wood barrels used for export, The CIB ensures the quality and integrity of this precious crop.

As you are fortunate enough to experience the indulgence of a cup of Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, there is little thought about how much work, effort and passion is in your cup. Being Farmers ourselves you will find our story here, but without support from the CIB, not a bean would leave the island. There is education for the Farmers, support in aiding the fight against the Berry Borer Infestation – I encourage you to read the article from the CIB’s website here ; quite an amazing way to stop infestation using a fungus cultured in the CIB’s laboratory!

There are also farmers from World Wide regions sharing their expertise with our Farmers, along with the Counterfeiter’s Gallery and lot’s of other articles and information about the industry as it pertains to life and agriculture among the Blue Mountain Coffee Farms.

Please visit the Jamaica CIB  website at: http://www.ciboj.org/index.php to learn more about the processes, guidelines, and view the educational information such as registered importers, dealers, and those who may use the coveted J.B.M. Seal on their packages.

DID YOU KNOW? The polishing and processing used in Jamaica under CIB guidelines produces less chaff when the coffee is roasted? TRUE – As a roaster, this is a quality found only in green beans Certified 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee & Peaberry JBM; all other origins will produce more chaff (outer skin on the bean) when roasted since their processing guidelines are not as refined.