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What’s all the Hype about Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Anyway?

Think Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is like every other coffee on the market? Think again. What makes this coffee different from all the rest is the specific growing conditions, guidelines, and certifications that need to be fulfilled before it can even be sold.  The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica has created specific regulations that restrict anyone but the board themselves from giving out the Blue Mountain label; a label every product sold by Reggie’s Roast proudly bears (with a certificate of authenticity to back it up!).  The authentication is only step one; it is the climate of the Jamaican Mountains the truly creates the smoothness and unique flavor of this premium roast.

The DNA of a typical coffee bean is usually unchanged between processers, however the soil and climate can (and does!) greatly enhance the flavor of this particular coffee.  Reggie’s Roast owns and operates two farms in the Blue Mountain Coffee growing region of Jamaica called Brook Lodge. This area is blessed with gentle slopes, abundant shade trees, the majestic tropical sun, and a micro-climate that coupled with cool temperatures, and abundant mist creates the perfect harmony for growing coffee.  Beyond that, the nitrogen-rich soil was created as the result of prehistoric volcanic activities, and with multiple springs emanating from underground streams atop the mountain slopes there is year-round irrigation that no other area in the world enjoys. There is a reason why Jamaican Blue Mountain is said to be the best in the world!  Come taste the difference today.