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Why should you buy Coffee online?

Why should you buy Coffee online?

As I was having a discussion with a co packing client who’s primary market is retail brick & mortar outlets, he was quick to ask me “Who really buys coffee online anyway?”. A defensive question none the less, it merited an answer not to the “who” part of the question, but rather “Why should you buy coffee online?”.

From a roaster’s standpoint, it’s a matter of freshness, pure & simple, following  3 major points-

  • FACT: Coffee is best consumed 24 hours after roasting and ground immediately before brewing.
  • FACT: Coffee is a perishable product that sees it’s  optimal freshness in the first 14 days after roasting.
  • FACT: Coffee should only be purchased in whole bean form to preserve it’s natural protective “packaging”.

As coffee roasters we do all we can to ensure freshness in the retail outlets we sell in, but the fact of the matter is, there is a time factor that is something to be considered when you ask yourself yet again, why should I should I buy coffee online?  For one, there is limited offering s from each company due to limited shelf space in a store; whereas a website offers a full list of a roaster’s menu.

Buying Coffee that is only roasted to order is a must and a big advantage to buying online.

Next, if the coffee is roasted to order, you can have coffee that was roasted on Monday delivered to you on Wednesday.

That is by any means to say that a Roaster’s Coffee on a store shelf is bad, that’s not at all the intent of this post, but rather to point out the many options of your decision to buy coffee online. For instance, we specialize in Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, which is a high value item for a retail outlet to buy and store inventory that is a higher ticket ring. The other advantage when you buy coffee online is selection and convenience while you shop. As you may be looking for something specific such as an African Coffee you are fond of, you may come across another origin or a blend that has your favorite coffee in it. In addition, the information about the coffee goes past just the picture on the label; there are points on the sourcing, cupping notes, and in some cases customer reviews.

In addition to convenience, you are buying direct from the source, and in many cases supporting a large part of our economy, the small business owner. When you buy coffee online from a roaster, you are also buying on faith, so be sure to do your homework if you have any questions. There are many online sources such as Coffeereview.com that will not only have information on coffee companies, but brewers and accessories as well. Since coffee is a fruit that is grown, processed and roasted with care, it should be purchased with the same intent.

As coffee Farmers and Roasters, Reggie’s Roast Coffee has been freshly roasting and packaging their coffee to order and shipping direct to consumers doorsteps for several years and will only roast their coffees to order. Since we are roasting every day of the week, aside from Friday ( so your coffee doesn’t sit for two days until it ships on Monday ) , you can expect your order to be sent out within 48 hours of ordering.

In addition, to freshness and a selection of over 20 different coffees, we offer a rewards program that is our way of thanking you for being a valued customer. When you buy coffee online from a roaster such as us, there is someone here that will answer any questions you have either before or after your purchase; first hand customer care right from the Coffee Roaster. That is something that is not offered in a grocery store aisle.

Freshly Roasted & packaged to order, Reggie’s Roast 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee