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It all started during the early ’90s while Reggie was searching for a hideaway in the Blue Mountains. Nestled away in the district of New Monkland, St. Thomas was a pristine parcel of land. This property rests in the valley bordered to the west by the main road to Cedar Valley, and to the east by the sparkling Nigre River. A property lush with fruit trees, orchids and wild parakeets, it lies under an evergreen canopy of the great Guango trees. To our amazement, within this fertile rainforest, next to an abundance of cocoa plants, growing wild was Jamaica GOLD – Blue Mountain Coffee. This rich soil to soon became the backbone of Reggie’s Roast Coffee farms!

Teaming up with Henry Orgill, who eventually became manager of the farms, Reggie embarked upon development of the land. Preserving much of natural shaded canopy of the guango, the original “wild” coffee trees were maintained by pruning and cutting back, the cocoa plants removed, and new coffee trees planted. Ten years later, Reggie’s Roast New Monkland Farm is a thriving 10-acre property producing Jamaica GOLD Blue Mountain Coffee. All coffee harvested is sold to the Blue Mountain Coffee Cooperative (BMCC), of which Reggie is a member.

In 2001, Reggie acquired the north section of the Brook Lodge Estate, in the district of Hagley Gap, St. Thomas. This lush fertile property was once part of a thriving and highly productive estate. However, with the devastation of Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, much of the infrastructure was destroyed and the property abandoned. The first piece of Reggie’s Roast Coffee Farms in Brook Lodge is blessed with gentle slopes, abundant shade trees, and a microclimate which provides for cool temperatures and abundant mist in perfect harmony with the majestic tropical sun. With multiple springs emanating from underground streams atop the mountain slopes providing year-round irrigation, these gifts of nature create a coffee rich in the traditional Blue Mountain Coffee flavor, naturally sweet with an intense aroma, optimum acidity and full bodied.

Since development commenced, with cutbacks and pruning of existing trees and planting of new ones, approximately 30 acres are now in production. Brook Lodge Estate cherries are also sold to the Blue Mountain Coffee Cooperative.

We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge those who are truly the engines that make all this possible; those who toil the land to allow us the simple pleasures of enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. Henry Orgill, affectionately known as Burru, is farm manager and a walking encyclopedia of farming, especially of Blue Mountain coffee, a knowledge that is not derived from a formal education, but from the soil under his nails. He lives and breathes coffee, is extremely passionate about respecting the land and the environment, and a cornerstone of Reggie’s Roast Coffee Farms.

To the Burrus of the coffee world we say “Thank You.” We could not do this without you, partner!