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Private Label Coffee Roasting & Co-Packing Services

Over the years, Reggie’s Roast Coffee has become far more than just Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee; having developed strong partnerships with several Green Coffee Brokers, we are able to source some of the Finest Coffees from around the world.

Reggie’s Roast Private Label Coffee Roasting & Co-Packing Services is built around our customers’ needs: from sourcing beans; to roasting coffee that has been purchased ‘raw’; to custom packaging – we have a cost-effective co-packing coffee solution available. We believe in roasting as close to the packaging/pick up date as possible so your coffee is as fresh and enjoyable. This is the backbone of our co-packing offering.

Coffee Roasting Options

We use our San Franciscan 25 Lb. roaster to handle small lots (between 5 – 150 Lb. orders), we also have a sample 1 Lb. roaster to test your desired roast profile so we can prepare your coffee exactly the way you want.

For larger orders, our Probat 200 LB capacity roaster is the perfect solutionfor roasting at high volumes. It is capable of roasting up to 200 Lbs. in 12-15 minutes depending on the roast profile. The roasting process is automated from loading the ‘green beans’ to bagging the roasted coffee. This 800-pound per hour capacity permits us to offer a 10,000 pound daily output guarantee with the added advantage of closely monitoring and controlling your specific roast profiles.

Co-Packing Options

Customers can pick up their 600 pound bulk sack and pack their own coffee at their own capacity, or take advantage several coffee packaging options available at Reggie’s Roast. We have several options for a foil lined, pre-valved, pre-formed bags that we can source for you. These bags come in many types of colors and print options. From there, the bags are hand packed, boxed and ready for pick up. We also have a Key-Pak form and fill machine that will form a bag from the film you choose and fill it as the bag is being made.

We can also add nitrogen flush and put a valve on the bag while it’s being made to expedite packaging and ensure freshness. We work with one of the Tri-State area’s leading film manufactures so we can source exactly what you are looking for. This benefits you in numerous ways including reduced labor and overhead machine costs – plus you get to design and own the film for as long as you need.

Bag sizes can range from 2 oz. “pillow pack” – open, dump, and brew which is a great solution for commercial food-service or restaurants; to 5 Lb. bulk bags that are widely used by local coffee shops. In between, sizes ranging from 8, 12, 16 oz. or anything in between are available to meet your needs.

Our newest addition available for co-packing is our Single Use Cup which can go great in your office, lobby or a hospitality service with a single cup brewer. These Single Use Cups are freshly roasted and packaged at our facility; not pre-ground and shipped out to be co-packed – meaning, you always get a freshly roasted and ground product. We have access to labels and boxes (packed 12 cups to a box) to suit your businesses needs.

Do you have a coffee shop and would like to retail what you brew? We can provide not only bags, but labels printed in house as well as the capability to replicate or create a UPC label for your retail use.