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Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee Roast🔥☕ Coffee Roasting Journey ☕🔥

Ever wondered how your favorite coffee gets its rich flavors and aromas? Let's dive into the fascinating world of coffee roasting! 🌀 Picture this: a machine that looks like a cross between a washing machine and an oven - that's our trusty coffee roaster! Inside, a metal drum spins tirelessly over burners, heating up to a toasty 375°F (190°C) - the perfect stage for the coffee beans to make their grand entrance. ⏲️ As the beans roast, they undergo a remarkable transformation.

First comes the 'first crack', an audible signal marking the birth of a light roast. The beans turn from green to a delicate light brown, losing moisture along the way. 🍫 The journey continues as the beans, now dry and brittle, swell and 'crack' again. This 'second crack' signals a shift to a medium roast, with the beans donning a deeper shade of brown. 💧 As the heat works its magic, the natural oils within the beans start to surface, glistening like tiny jewels.

blue mountain coffee roast

This is where the dark roast begins to take shape, embracing a richer, more conventional brown hue. ✨ In the final act, our beans shine, coated in their own oils, achieving that classic dark brown color. This is the pinnacle of dark roasting, right before the beans turn black and over-roasted.

Every roast level offers a unique profile, from light and fruity to dark and bold. It's a delicate balance, a dance of heat and time, to bring out the best in each bean. 🌱 From green to gleaming, this is the story of your coffee bean. Next time you sip your brew, remember the journey it's been through! 

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